I currently work as a Application Engineer / Controls Engineer for a small automation distributor.  If you have ever watched “How It’s Made”, I write the programs that control the machines that make stuff.

A few years ago, I woke up with a sentence stuck in my head.  “Llaewyn stopped running; he knew he was going to die.”  That haunted me for several weeks until I wrote it down.  When that didn’t make it go away, I wrote a short scene wherein Lleawyn is killed by an orc named Gelrog.  It was a highly emotional, touching scene filled with witty dialog, bravery, magic and drama.

Ok, it was pretty cheezy, but it planted a seed.  Nothing from that scene exists in the current story except that there is an elf named Llaewyn, and a bad guy named Gelrog.  The rest has hit the junk bin.

This is my attempt to share the journey of following where that seed is taking me.  Enjoy the ride.


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  1. Welcome to blog-land! Love the story of how you became inspired. It can come in the craziest ways sometimes. 🙂

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