Character Interview, Part 2

So, now that you’ve seen the crap version of Chapter 5 opening.  I should have mentioned that chapter 4 is where she meets Jerok after fleeing from a gang of murderous robbers.  She has accepted Jerok’s offer to accompany her to Trior.  What she doesn’t know is that Jerok is a thief  of sorts as well.  After originally planning on robbing her, when he found out she was a priestess traveling to the castle, he decided to tag along so he could swipe some goodies from there.

OK, so lets look at the interview.  For purposes of this portion, M: is Mirian, and J: is me.

Objective: Travelling, Mirian is reflective of the attack, wondering how she could have done more. She tells Jerok about it, and he tries to be comforting to her.

J: So, Mirian. You’ve met Jerok, what do you think?

M: He is definitely a charmer. He’s not telling me everything, but I still trust him.

J: Why?

M: He could have robbed or killed me anytime he wanted. Or worse. But he didn’t. He shared his food with me and protected me while I slept.

J: Why do you think he is doing that?

M: I am not sure, but am I really in a position to question it? The fact is that if he does attack me, I would be helpless to stop him on my own. I have to trust that Aliyah will protect me.

J: Fair enough. Are you going to tell him what happened?

M: I guess I should. I am so ashamed of it. I could have at least saved Frederick. But if I had healed him, would he have ran with me, or gone back to get killed again? Augh! It doesn’t matter. I am a healer, and I failed. I was afraid! Can’t you just leave it alone? You’re making me cry again…

J: Sorry. -hug- You’ll get through it, I promise. It’s time to wake up now. You need to get going.

– – – – –

There you go.  Like I said, I have some longer ones, but this one is most directly reflected in the fixed portion of the story.  You’ll see that in a few days!



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