Character interviews

No, I’m not talking to myself.  My characters are talking to me, and I talk back.  Really, it’s them.  Don’t you hear them?  I do…..

So, let’s talk about character interviews.  I am becoming a huge fan.  It gets me into the characters head, and I can find out what the hell they are thinking.  The down side is that I have noticed my MC is becoming a bit mouthy.  She isn’t real popular with other’s in her life, but I didn’t expect her to turn that on me!

Why do an interview?  A couple reasons, I guess.  My biggest is to find out where Mirian is, emotionally.  (so far they all have been with her.  Jerok will be the subject of the next one I do.)  My characters sometimes come across as flat.  In order to prevent this, I am trying to make a point of asking her, so that I can incorporate it into the story.

So, to provide an example, I will post the opening paragraph of chapter 5 from the last revision, then the character interview I did, and finally, the resulting version of the same scene.  I will share some of the other interviews I have done as well.  Let’s start with that old opening of Chapter 5 though, shall we?

– – – – –

Jerok and Mirian set off for Trior early the next morning. Jerok prepared the last of the pig meat for their lunch during afternoon prayers. When they finished eating, they set off again, making fairly good time along the road. They passed several other travelers, but nobody paid them any attention. Mirian was quiet, reliving the events of the other night, and struggling to understand what they meant. Jerok kept trying to engage her in conversation about what had occurred, and Mirian finally relented and filled him in on the details of the previous night. She did feel better after talking about it. Jerok had listened thoughtfully while she spoke, asking a few questions, and comforting her when she felt tears coming again.

– – – – –

I know that two of my regular critters would kill me for this.  One because Mirian is completely lifeless.  The other I would expect nothing less than seeing her travel to SC to beat me with a large stick if I tried slipping this past again because of all the telling, and no showing.

Watch this space for the upcoming character interview.  This one was pretty short, but it did the job.

Till then!




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3 responses to “Character interviews

  1. I’m the lifeless one, aren’t I? O:) Gotta get to chapter 4 and crit it! Agh!
    *running off to finish the public queue huge list of owed crits*

    • LOL. I don’t even look at my tit-for-tat list anymore. I have a couple people that I have to crit everything they post for the rest of my life, and maybe I will get caught up eventually.

      No rush. It sounds like you maybe have one or two other things going on anyway. :^)


  2. Yep, definitely need dialogue there. Can really make them come alive and lay the foundation for a future romance!!! I hope you heard their words during that interview.

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