Out of office…

Falls Park, Reedy River.  Greenville, SC

Sometimes, you need to get away from the writing desk and look for something inspiring.  This is the view from a suspended foot bridge at a local (-ish.  30 miles away) park.   The falling water, the surrounding view, and the ducks swimming and walking around gives a different perspective than you can get from even the best computer wallpaper.

Where do you get inspiration?  Do you ever venture away from home with a clipboard and paper?  I brought that, plus my laptop and mp3 player, so I was good to go!




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8 responses to “Out of office…

  1. I know, it was awesome! You should add the “stalker” photo I took of you too!

  2. You do look grouchy 🙂 You should have packed stuff to make s’mores–that’d brighten ya up!

  3. Lol, I do hope you got the dialogue right in the end :p
    I don’t do writing outside – I need a power line. My battery autonomy doesn’t allow me more than an hour and a half and I don’t think it’s worth it. Plus, I hate carrying the laptop around – an extra thing to worry about.
    I do however write in my head in nature – nature being on the subway as I ride to school (it’s about a half-hour commute) Does that count?
    I did write on the train going home once or twice. And in a bar once. And in the college library.
    Damn, I’m a cooped up writer 😦

  4. LOL!

    I got the dialog (mostly) straightened out. I’m not really as grumpy a person as it looks like in the picture!

    My laptop is fairly new, so I get four to six hours off the battery. I actually use it for work, so it was selected based on the full sized keyboard and extended battery life.

    And yes, Steph, you are cooped up! I don’t think the subway counts as “nature”. :^P

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Road trips give my brain it’s needed nature supply. Many of my writing problems are solved with my car radio blasting and the air conditioner on high. I can’t write and drive at the same time (probably a good thing), so I leave the notebook at home.

  6. It’s always good to get away from the normal! Great pic.

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