I have a system

I think I found a system that works!  I am not doing the database after all, because that is still a lot of time spent on meta-writing, which could be time spent on writing.  Here is what I came up with instead for doing my rewrites:

Step 1.  Print out the chapter with all of the inline critiques.  Chapter 1 clocked in at 37 pages doing this.

Step 2.  Go through the whole chapter, deciding which critiques to work in and which to ignore.

Step 3.  Go back through the whole chapter again.  This time working in MY changes, sometimes overriding what I just put in from the crits.  (Oh yeah.  Somewhere around step zero was putting the whole story on my kindle with the paragraphs numbered so I can take notes while I read)

Step 4.  This was the magic for me.  (IMHO, anyway)  I break the chapter into scenes.  Separate file for each scene.

Step 5.  Print out one scene, latch it onto the clipboard, and focus only on word selection.  No story telling, as that is already done.  This is where I go through and remove weak words and phrases.

Step 6.  Recombine the scenes into a chapter.

YAY!  I think that it results in a much better piece of work.  I guess I will find out when it hits the  critique site.  With any luck, both of my loyal readers will let me know what they think!

So there it is.  My system.  Still interested in what others use for their editing efforts.




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6 responses to “I have a system

  1. Again, I’m amazed at your organization! I just started looking at all my inline critiques at once (cool feature btw), throw in some extra details I feel are needed, and hope for the best.

  2. Sounds like a brilliant idea! I’ve done Steps 1 and 2 and not quite Step 3. (No Kindle though. I like paper. 🙂 ) Not sure I have the organization or patience to do Step 4, but I suppose I could do page breaks when I print and separate them as I edit….

    • Step four forces me to focus on the trees, rather than the forest so to speak. I make myself focus on the words rather than the story.

      Probably not for everyone, but if puts me into a different frame of mind, which is what I need to make that part of the4 editing happen.

  3. Holy crap, you’ve got a system! The best I’ve managed to do so far by means of organizing is make a different file for each chapter – and even that is exhausting to me – since sometimes I forget in what chapter certain information is and I have to search the whole folder.
    When I edit I usually open up CC and see my crits then modify accordingly in my document.
    When I rewrite, it’s so much easier. I just scrape and write again, keeping the suggestions I get in mind.
    Anything beyond that gives me a headache :-S
    I wish I were a bit more organized. My current WIP consists of one document. And I’m not sure I’ll ever break up the chapters on that one.

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