Further character information

So I have lots of background information on my characters, much of which will never see any time in the story.  I am thinking of writing little “scene-lets” and posting them.  Stuff that may be a bit pointless, but gives more info about the characters.  First idea:  Jerok out hunting with his father as a child.

Reactions?  Would this be good?  Or do you feel like it would give away things that you shouldn’t know about them while reading the story?



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One response to “Further character information

  1. Yay! I found it!

    Ok, bout the “scene-lets”. I like the idea, but mostly for your own personal benefit. Little exercises like that can help you build the characters and get some practice in creative writing. The scenes can be goofy or serious, things you’d never add to your story, but it can be fun and educational as you get to “know” your characters.

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