And continues…

I have learned from past experience that creating a blog is easy.  It takes about an evening (apparently), and you are published on the ‘inter-webs’ for all the world to see (or, that is, the approximately 29% of the world’s population with internet access to see.  But I digress).

No, the hard part is maintenance.  The ongoing struggle to come up with something worth saying on a regular basis.  My problem is that what I have to say usually doesn’t make it through my “would anyone else care” filter.  Consequently, they languish and die.  In an effort to forestall that conclusion, I wanted to make sure that I got back here and posted something to keep the ball rolling.  I have no illusions that I will be making daily posts, but I didn’t want to leave it looking empty and alone.

So I hereby promise you, my little blog, that I will feed you and care for you regularly.  Preparing you against that fateful day long in coming when someone, somewhere, types in the wrong address and lands here instead.  And perhaps they will pause, lingering over the content of this page.  Gently reading, perusing the wandering thoughts of one author of questionable sanity and unquestionable oddness.

And perhaps they will be momentarily entertained.



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